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Connect | Encourage | Grow

Connect groups are the core of Encounter. Following Jesus' framework we encourage members to attend a weekly connect.

Jesus had 12 disciples and within that a closer core group of 3. If He needed those connections, how much more so do we?

Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page to get matched to a connect group today. 



Ruth - Care & Share

12:30pm weekly. Women's Group

Fiona & Melodie - Ladies' Connect Group

7:45pm fortnightly.


Charles - Mixed Connect Group

7:30pm, weekly. 

Jill - Young Adults, 7pm fortnightly

Rick - Men's Group, 7pm weekly

Paula - Empower

7pm weekly. Women's group


Encounter Music Practice


Peter - Caleb Crew. Monthly 

Retired Men's Group

Untitled Youth 7pm at

Gisborne Church of Christ

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