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Frequenty Asked Questions...


Is this event still on? 


Yes. We will post on this website if there are any unforeseen changes to this event.


Do I/we need to reserve a seat? 




Is there plenty of parking?

Yes, street parking is available in the surrounding streets. There is limited disabled carparking out the front of the building, however there is space to drop people off and the driver can then park the car nearby. 


Will each individual receive prayer? 

Yes, John Mellor Ministries meetings run long because John will stay until everyone has been prayed for. 


Can individuals receive private prayer? 

No, everyone is prayed for in the same room. 


Does John Mellor do other visits?

No, they don't have time to do home or hospital visits, but people can come in proxy for others with items of their clothing, etc to be prayed over.


Is there wheelchair access? 



Can I be prayed for if I am only able to attend for a limited period of time?

Please let us know in advance and when you arrive at the meeting. 
John Mellor will pray for anyone who has been brought out of a hospital earlier in the meeting, but please let us know if you can only be at the meeting for a limited time. 


How long do the meetings generally last for?

The main meeting lasts about 1.5 hours, and then people are all welcome to come forward to the front for prayer. Prayer ministry time may last for a further 2 hours or more.


When will my child be prayed for?


We aim for John Mellor to pray for children earlier in the ministry time before they become too restless. 


I would like to bring my child for prayer, however they have issues (e.g. behavioural, sensory, etc) in large/public/noisy/crowded spaces. Can I still bring them?


Yes. If you have concerns, please let us know when you arrive so that we can arrange the best time for them to receive prayer.

You may like to consider bringing them to the meeting about 6pm when we can arrange for them to be brought straight to the front for prayer during the prayer ministry time.

You may also like to contact us beforehand.


Will there be resources available?

Yes, resources will be available for purchase after the service.


Will refreshments be available?

No. There are a number of food outlets and restaurants in the main streets nearby

For more info about John Mellor Ministries click on their website link below
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